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What is a quote that once you heard it, it stuck with you forever?

How are you continually reminded of it?

Where are the places where you are quick to reference it?

One quote that comes to my mind is something I heard while listening to the famed Jim Rohn Weekend Seminar.

I’ll always have a soft-spot in my heart for Jim Rohn because he’s the guy who took my personal development virginity with his 7 Strategies For Wealth and Happiness book.

And what’s crazy is that he is the last person on the face of the planet that I would have expected to do this.

You see…

When this book was handed to me I was an 18-year-old kid who had idolized a brother who’d grown up in California, who I’d met for the first time in the summer before going into 8th grade.

This brother was way older than me.

He was a full grown adult who was fully tatted with his gang’s symbolism, who had gang-banged old school style with genuine real deal tough guys and had the gun and knife scars to prove it – one of which was a ten-inch long gash where a rival gang member had fish hooked him in prison.

Now to give you some perspective, my dad was FAR from being some pussy who I didn’t respect because he just got pushed around by life and by the people in it.

Nobody pushed my dad around. He was and is still a tough dude.

But when I’d met this brother, who had a different father than I did, my dad had already quit being a dumb ass.

The biggest contribution to this was him joining Alcoholics Anonymous and doing the fuck-ton of work it took in order to keep stacking up sobriety chips (I think he’s got close to 30 years in the program now).

After decades of drinking, drugging, and smoking… he decided to take up running as a hobby.

This was an outlet that allowed the tough guy part of him to still shine… in a healthy way that didn’t involve any risks of going to jail or prison.

He transformed his old smoker lungs and soft office worker muscles into a lean mean machine that eventually ran 9 marathons.

Like I said, he was no slouch in the “tough” department.

But my older brother was a different kind of tough guy and I want HIS kind of tough guy way of living.

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Letting Life Touch You So That Your Marketing Can Touch Your Audience

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The police had been alerted that the 7-year-old version of myself and my 6-year-old brother had gone missing.

When we didn’t walk in the door at the approximate time we did every day after the yellow bus stopped off in front of our apartment complex… my mom called the school.

If we weren’t there, where in the hell were we?

She had no clue so she called the cops.

Somebody must have kidnapped us and locked us up in their basement.


I can tell you that wasn’t what happened.

No smooth talking stranger had talked my brother and me into hopping into their cargo van to go help him “find his puppy”.


The reality of the situation was that I was the one who had kidnapped my baby brother.

Let me explain…

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Make a Big Entrance or Don’t Enter At All


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The notes I’m taking on the Eben Pagan “Leading You, Me, and We” 4 day marathon seminar continue.

Jesus, this thing is fucking LOOONG.

And the reason for this is because it is so thorough.

This seminar is divided up into sections – Leading Yourself… Leading One Other Person… and Leading a Group.

Each of those skill sets build upon themselves.

If you are in a place in your life right now where there is ONE person you’d love to help become the next best version of themselves you’re going to love the hell out of these 11 pages of notes I’m sharing with you today.

If you love the idea of having a person be their own agent of change – you’re not doing it for them or to them – but instead they’re doing it themselves, these notes are for you.

And of course all this starts with understanding the following law of the universe…

The Three Hardest Things To Do In The World…

1. Climbing a fence that’s leaning towards you

2. Kissing a girl that’s leaning away from you

3. Getting someone to change that does not want to change

People do shit for their own reasons – not yours.

You want to ride this wave.

You are setting yourself up for failure by going against it and trying to get them to do things they don’t want to do, for your reasons.

Helping someone be a better version of themselves is not about persuading other people.

It’s about giving people enough of the right information so that they can persuade themselves.

When it comes to facilitation and coaching you need to create an environment where people can feel safe to express and grow… and then you need to have the tools and techniques to hand them that make growth a more streamlined process.

You want to help people do their thing.

It’s not about them doing your thing.

This is all about being a guide on the side – not a sage on a stage.

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Leading You, Me, and We: Helping One Person Become Their Best Self


Having marketing that creates the very best customers has a TON to do with how fascinated your customers are with you.

This can be some of the very best news you have ever received if you’re in an underdog position where you’re up against the most established competitors in your industry who have all the connections and all the funding they need.

This X-Factor can help make it possible for you to be the person who comes from out of nowhere and becomes a MAJOR player in your niche in a shockingly short amount of time.

But before any of this can happen you need to ponder the answers to the following three questions…

Do customers ask you personal questions?

Do they ask you philosophical questions?

Or, does all of your correspondence with them fall along the lines of mechanical, practical business questions your assistant could answer?

If you answered, “No” to the first two questions and “Yes” to the last one, this is not a good thing. 

We all know when someone is asking you questions in order to find a topic to bond with you on…

“Do you like Chipotle Burrito bowls? You do?!? I LOVE Chipotle burrito bowls! What do you get in yours?”


“Ayn Rand is one of your favorite authors! Holy Moly – ME TOO! I was 16 when I fell in love with Atlas Shrugged.What was the first of her books that you read?”

When people are interested in knowing more about you as a human being, they are inviting you to fascinate them.

And as I said in Part 1 of this series, when you do your content marketing right, you will have fans who feel STRONG levels of loyalty to you.

You put something up for sale that they don’t already own and they happily buy it – even if they know they’re probably not gonna use it anytime soon…

You have a cause you support and you do a fundraiser around it and they show up and donate – even if this cause isn’t their #1 preference…

You ask for help/advice on a subject you’re not well versed in and they flood your social media profile with the ultra high quality answers you need…

You attract the action takers who put your stuff to work and they end up going out of their way to give you the greatest case studies you could ever ask for…

And much, much, more.

Fascinated customers are joyfully responding to your calls to action and as long as they don’t ever feel like they’re being gouged or taken advantage of by favors they’re doing for you… they don’t care if you’re getting the bigger end of the stick – the better end of the deal.

You’ve moved beyond the negotiating, price-shopping, coupon-clipping, horse-trading dynamic.

But it is damn near impossible to get this kind of fanatical buy in by just delivering “Great Product/Service” alone.


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The Kind of Marketing That Creates The Very Best Customers–Part 2 of 2


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Once upon a time I was at an event chilling in the green room with all the heavy hitters there and a dispute broke out between two of the high profile dudes.

The arguing got pretty heated with one of them telling the other they could step outside if the other guy wanted to keep running his mouth.

Calmer heads prevailed, the arguing fizzled out, and a couple of hours later, the guys, who’d been friends with each other for years now, were cool with each other again.

Now back then I was a raving fan of one of dudes (still am), had written copy for him, hung out in a group setting with him before and had watched a ton of his live streamed content.

But we weren’t friends at the “I’m in a Mexican jail wrongly accused of a crime…come bail me out” level. 

We were friendly but he barely knew anything about me.

I knew quite a bit about him though from the impromptu conversations he has with his audience so I was hip to a ton of stuff we had in common and this stuff made me feel like he was a kindred soul.

Dude actually reminds me of one of my favorite brothers. 

Just from his live content alone, I knew enough to believe he was genuinely a super cool person and is a true force for good. 

I didn’t know the dude he was arguing with at all.

The guy who I wasn’t familiar with had just been embarrassed on the biggest stage in front of EVERYONE in the industry and so naturally, he was on edge.

You could feel the tension and bitterness vibrating off of him. 

He was sitting right next to me when the above exchange was going down and while it was happening I can still remember looking in front of me and seeing a mouse that was plugged into a computer.

I started thinking of that scene from Good Fellas where the wig shop owner starts acting all tough telling Ray Liotta that he wasn’t going to pay what he owed right now to Robert Deniro’s character. Deniro hears this and comes from behind, grabs the phone cord and starts choking the dude out with it.

I wanted to do the exact same thing with the mouse cord I was looking at, to this guy who was sitting next to me talking real wild to my guy.

When you do your content marketing right, you will have raving fans who feel STRONG levels of loyalty to you.

You put something up for sale that they don’t already own, they happily buy it – even if they know they’re probably not gonna use it anytime soon…

You have a cause you support, you do a fundraiser around it, and they show up and donate – even this cause isn’t their #1 preference…

You ask for help/advice on a subject you’re not well versed in and they flood your social media profile with the ultra high quality answers you need…

You’ll have crazy mothafuckas like me who will be ready to put hands and feet on a person for you, if anyone were to ever threaten you in their presence.

And much, much, more.

Customers like this are joyfully responding to your calls to action to help you, and they don’t care if you’re getting the bigger end of the stick.

You’ve moved beyond the negotiating, haggling, horse trading dynamic.

This is entirely different than when you feel compelled to buy something from Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Amazon, or any of the other nameless, faceless big box corporations who only get your money when you feel that YOU are getting the better end of the deal.

The very second you find another mega corporation who is going to provide you with the better end of the deal, you stop buying from K-Mart and start going to Wal-Mart… you stop buying coffee and donuts from 7-Eleven and you start buying from them from Starbucks… You stop buying books from Barnes and Noble and you start giving all your business to Amazon.

I want to show you some of the really cool things you can do to cultivate a raving fan audience that won’t jump ship on you… even if the equivalent of Wal-Mart (cheapest, widest selection, most convenient, etc.) moves into your niche.

Today I’m going to unpack a few of the key factors that have proven over history and in today’s economy to create customers that are eager to help you make your life better. 

And I’m going to do this with the help of Dan Kennedy – the Godfather of information marketing and…

…a big ass bodybuilder named CT Fletcher and what I learned from his documentary titled “My Magnificent Obsession”.

You’ll see how this man nicknamed “The Superman of Compton” went from being unheard of… to being world famous in his niche in a rather short period of time by using the strategies I’ll reveal.

And the awesome news is, these same strategies and tactics can easily be used by you in your niche to cultivate a customer base that is hungry to see you succeed…

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The Kind of Marketing That Creates The Very Best Customers–Part 1 of 2


chefs-table, dan-kennedy-moving-up-the-money-pyramid

Chef’s who have become world famous have been charged with the same responsibility that you have – Grow or Die.

What I’ve learned while watching the first series of the Netflix show “Chef’s Table” is that each of these six chefs all started as nobodies… went through the period where they were mentored… and then set out on their own to try to make something out of their vision of what they hoped people would enjoy.

Does that sound anything like you?

Well, good because this means you’re going to love meeting these kindred souls and seeing what helped each of them overcome a pretty universal entrepreneurial challenge – Turning a profit from a product/service that can easily be obtained by your perfect prospects from your competitors. 

This series highlights each Chef’s journey to reach the highest acclaim a restaurant owner can get – Michelin Stars.

Michelin Stars tell the world you have arrived and that in a highly competitive industry, you reign supreme.

These stars can transform you from a nobody to somebody overnight. 

So what has to happen in order for a chef to be deemed worthy of this Golden Ticket to fame and fortune?

Answer: Nothing in principle that is all that different from what it would take for you to reach an exalted status in your realm.

You’ll see precisely what I mean below… 

Challenging The Industry Norms

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Invaluable Business Lessons Learned From Netflix Series Chef’s Table


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The Netflix Tony Robbins I Am Not Your Guru documentary is perhaps the greatest under-the-radar selling tool that I’ve ever seen.

This documentary sells Tony’s Date With Destiny program without having to do any “selling” in the traditional form of the word.

By flying in low-key as a movie, the viewer goes into this open to being entertained… rather than inching towards it in a fighter’s stance with their guard up like they would when going onto the web page on his site that plays the  30-second promo for Tony’s Date With Destiny seminar.

I absolutely love it.

The most powerful aspect of it, as a marketing/selling tool, is that you feel that Tony doesn’t care whether you want to attend the event or not.

At the end, while the credits are rolling, the producer asks him, “What do you hope that this film will capture?”

Tony says, “My hope is that maybe somebody will watch this film and say, ‘Oh, wow. It was really beautiful to watch these people transform’ and just watch it for that. And maybe that’ll make them think about what’s possible for themselves.”

The producer says, “What about giving people a better understanding of who Tony Robbins is?”

Tony says, “I don’t know that many people give a shit. Honestly, if that’s what your film’s success is based on, I think you’re in trouble. I think it’s gotta be based on something bigger than that. I think it’s gotta be based on what makes human beings fulfilled, what makes them alive, what makes them hungry, what makes them change. We all know that change can happen in a moment, but we’re afraid it won’t last. How is it that people can make lasting changes in minutes? What makes that possible and is it really real? And can I taste it and feel it, and could I experience it myself? I think that’s a hell of a lot more interesting than, you know, Tony Robbins.”

And the film delivers on that outcome beautifully.

This movie reminds me a lot of how HBO does those behind the scenes documentaries for their mega boxing matches that show you things about the fighters that make you more interested in the outcome of the match.

Those 24/7 episodes just show up and provide entertainment and at the end of each one of them, they give you a quick reminder of when the fight is happening.

That’s it. 

No hard sell. No countdown for the most amazing discount ever. No “but wait there’s more…” bonuses added.

If you want to watch the fight, cool. If you don’t want to watch the fight, that’s also cool. We hope you’ve enjoyed this HBO presentation. Done.

And that approach to selling their fights has put millions upon millions of dollars in their bank account. I would venture to say a lot more money than the traditional ways of pitching fights ever did by themselves.

This documentary doesn’t even do that at the end. It just ends on what Tony said and fades to black.

But if you’ve watched it and you like what you’ve seen, they’ll always be a special part of you that is yearning to attend. Life may distract you, but your soul will forever have been imprinted, steering you to find out how to go about giving yourself the gift of this experience.

I can tell you right now that this movie will do FAR, FAR, FAR more to bring new business in for Tony than his traditional selling strategies by themselves – not just for this event but for any and everything else he has to offer… even though it is not wired up like an infomercial.   

If you ever wanted to be convinced that investing in Tony’s Date With Destiny would be an outstanding decision, you will find no better resource that tells you what this event has to offer you.

And while I believe this to be true…

…It would also be dumb for Tony to think that he should drop all direct response selling mechanisms for this event and just rely on this tool.

First priority is direct response advertising and marketing. The second priority is to support all of those efforts with with laid back, “just show up, be cool, and provide value” stuff like this.

This kind of stealth marketing plants the seed. Well executed direct response marketing and advertising harvests the crops that have grown as the result of artfully planting.  

If you’re trying to put asses in seats for an annual event, you would be wise to see if you could model the flow of this behind-the-scenes documentary and adapt it to what you’re selling.

Second Lesson: Communicate With Impact Or Don’t Communicate At All

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Lessons Learned From The Tony Robbins I Am Not Your Guru Documentary