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Today I want to share with you the notes I took for Day 20 of the Eben Pagan Seeds of Success Course which was focused on the topic of mastering knowledge work.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that a person graduating college today will have 10-14 different jobs and 3-5 different career changes by age 38.

Multiple careers… and within those careers… multiple jobs.

You can easily see that this is the future for everyone who is going to work from here on out but you may not easily see how all your careers will have something in common and that is the fact that the majority of us will be “Knowledge Workers.”

For centuries working with our hands was the norm.   

This paradigm of the majority of the workforce earning their living with manual labor.

Somewhere around 75% of us use our minds/knowledge work rather than physical labor to earn our living.

This means that the demand for knowledge has expanded with more people having more time on their hands to consume it.

This means the demand for people to create knowledge products/live training has also expanded.

Becoming a master of knowledge and technology is fast becoming the new standard.

Creating new knowledge resources that lead people to desirable results will continue to be a source of wealth in the future.

Knowledge is what will allow us to maximize our physical and mental resources.

So instead of hoarding and fighting over oil… the goal becomes to create a new fuel that makes oil irrelevant.

The 5 Traits That Define Someone Who Is A Master of Knowledge

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The Four Abilities You Need For Mastering Knowledge Work


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Today I want to share some of my notes with you that I took on the Dan Kennedy Renegade Time Management course.

The ultimate good news/bad news joke about being an entrepreneur is…

“The good news is: You’re your own boss. The bad news is: You’ve got a REAAALLLY shitty, dysfunctional, and incompetent boss.”

An entrepreneur has a little bit of accountability pressure in the fact that work needs to be delivered to clients, but beyond this, there is no accountability pressure for the moment-by-moment, function-by-function basis.

So with this being the case, the only accountability available to the entrepreneur is hitting or missing time and money targets.

Most people try to get the job done with “pressure to deliver on promises” alone.

A smaller segment of entrepreneurs strive for money targets… “I want to be making $100,000.00 dollars every month.”

But it’s the time targets that make up the day-to-day activity that TRULY make it possible to hit the money targets.

If you’re waiting till the end of the month to see if you hit your sales quota or not and then judging yourself as to whether or not you’re successful or not based on your hitting the target or not… you’re too late.

You want predictive indicators, not historic indicators.

Predictive indicators of money to be made are made visible via the use of your time.

THIS is how you hold yourself accountable.

Dan talks about how the fact that he met all but one of his time targets for that day, is very predictive of what his bank balance is gonna look like at the end of the month.

If he’d missed 4 or 5 of them he’d be annoyed with himself and want to look at why this occurred.

Was it faulty assessment of how long it’d take to do something? If this is the case why did it take longer than I thought it would?

Answers to these questions ensure you don’t make the same mistake again.

And one the best ways to give yourself an excellent chance of being happy with your assessments is to make sure that you’re not violating the following rule…

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Are You Guilty of Being Delusional About Your Productivity?


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If you’re not talking in your copy the way people think and talk to themselves… you’re doing it wrong.

In Part 1 of this piece, we talked about the traditional advice given to entrepreneurs who are trying to say what their prospects want to hear in an effort to say the words that their perfect prospects respond best to.

We unpacked the reasons why strategies like…

Getting customers to tell you in their words what their experiences are with the problems you can help with…

Getting their testimonials from them…

Checking out review sites to see what people are saying about the solutions available now…

… are all giving you incomplete information.

And the reason for this is because the vast majority of our perfect prospects will not be good storytellers. 

Most people do not make the best use of vocabulary and they suck when it comes to conveying detail and emotion on page or… even in person.

Of course things like lack of education and pressure from being put on the spot to say the right thing play into this.

But one of the major impediments you run up against is the person you’re talking with is them editing themselves in an effort to save face.

Even if you were the most gifted interviewer… the only people you’re likely to get un-filtered raw accounts from are psychopaths who are awaiting execution… people who have had witnesses tell the world the despicable acts they saw this person do… and who have confessed themselves to the gory details of their crimes.

You can’t hurt a dead man walking. You and everybody else already think the WORST of them.They have nothing to lose by baring their soul. 

But the local school teacher who can’t get a date does…

The local hardware shop owner does…

The sexually dissatisfied mother of four who is married to president of the local bank and is on the board for the P.T.A. at her children’s school does.

This mom who worships big black cocks and treasures her college memories of getting tag-teamed three times a week for the last half of her senior year by a couple of brothers who had played on the football team can’t talk about fighting the urge to seduce the black stallion she’s been cozying up to at her gym, with a marketer who is interviewing her to “get a pulse on the market.”

A good therapist might be able to pull that fantasy out of her but a relationship expert selling a “Men are From Mars – Women Are From Venus” book probably isn’t going to.

Especially if this marketer is showing up in the context of interviewing her with the intent of getting testimonials for use on their website.

All this person will be getting is surface level garbage.

She’s just going to say “acceptable” things like “our relationship has lost its spark and I’m just looking for some ideas of how to re-ignite it.”

When the traditional marketer keeps hearing “boring, generalized” statements like this they think they’re in tune with their audience and they start putting stupid shit like this in their sales copy and content marketing…

“Re-ignite The Spark of Your Relationship”  

But the internal “Big Black Cocks” conversation is the one that actually means something to this woman.

What would shock the hell out of her is someone showing up and saying…

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Part 2 of 2: How To Find The Words Your Perfect Prospects Respond Best To


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Not long ago I put together a 45 page-report for a private Facebook Group of ours that detailed my Relentless, Purpose-Driven, Meaningful Messaging Method For Entrepreneurs. 

Within this report there is a section where I lay out some of the most important aspects of storytelling.

The following passage from the report got me thinking…

Perhaps the single best way to educate yourself on how to insert emotions and details into writing is to READ well-written fiction novels.

The best authors can make you see, hear, feel, taste and smell a two-room house in Biloxi, Mississippi on December 12, 1963.

They can nothing but words on the page to make you feel the emotion of the mom who is crying on the couch after hearing about how her boy had been gunned down in broad daylight.

When you get a steady diet of fiction reading in your life… you’ll have seen thousands of pages showing what emotion on the PAGE looks like and what DETAILS on the page look like in the context of an intriguing story being told.

You can’t NOT be affected by this. Something has to rub off. Trust me.

You want one of the easiest ways to get a billion times better at this whole Purpose Driven and Meaningful Marketing method? Go fall in love with fiction. Now.

Later that night, I asked myself…

“What would be the next actionable step that would make it even more likely for a person to be able to weave rich descriptions and gripping emotions into their marketing and sales copy?”

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Part 1 of 2: How To Find The Words That Your Perfect Prospects Respond Best To


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What is a quote that once you heard it, it stuck with you forever?

How are you continually reminded of it?

Where are the places where you are quick to reference it?

One quote that comes to my mind is something I heard while listening to the famed Jim Rohn Weekend Seminar.

I’ll always have a soft-spot in my heart for Jim Rohn because he’s the guy who took my personal development virginity with his 7 Strategies For Wealth and Happiness book.

And what’s crazy is that he is the last person on the face of the planet that I would have expected to do this.

You see…

When this book was handed to me I was an 18-year-old kid who had idolized a brother who’d grown up in California, who I’d met for the first time in the summer before going into 8th grade.

This brother was way older than me.

He was a full grown adult who was fully tatted with his gang’s symbolism, who had gang-banged old school style with genuine real deal tough guys and had the gun and knife scars to prove it – one of which was a ten-inch long gash where a rival gang member had fish hooked him in prison.

Now to give you some perspective, my dad was FAR from being some pussy who I didn’t respect because he just got pushed around by life and by the people in it.

Nobody pushed my dad around. He was and is still a tough dude.

But when I’d met this brother, who had a different father than I did, my dad had already quit being a dumb ass.

The biggest contribution to this was him joining Alcoholics Anonymous and doing the fuck-ton of work it took in order to keep stacking up sobriety chips (I think he’s got close to 30 years in the program now).

After decades of drinking, drugging, and smoking… he decided to take up running as a hobby.

This was an outlet that allowed the tough guy part of him to still shine… in a healthy way that didn’t involve any risks of going to jail or prison.

He transformed his old smoker lungs and soft office worker muscles into a lean mean machine that eventually ran 9 marathons.

Like I said, he was no slouch in the “tough” department.

But my older brother was a different kind of tough guy and I want HIS kind of tough guy way of living.

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Letting Life Touch You So That Your Marketing Can Touch Your Audience

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The police had been alerted that the 7-year-old version of myself and my 6-year-old brother had gone missing.

When we didn’t walk in the door at the approximate time we did every day after the yellow bus stopped off in front of our apartment complex… my mom called the school.

If we weren’t there, where in the hell were we?

She had no clue so she called the cops.

Somebody must have kidnapped us and locked us up in their basement.


I can tell you that wasn’t what happened.

No smooth talking stranger had talked my brother and me into hopping into their cargo van to go help him “find his puppy”.


The reality of the situation was that I was the one who had kidnapped my baby brother.

Let me explain…

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Make a Big Entrance or Don’t Enter At All


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The notes I’m taking on the Eben Pagan “Leading You, Me, and We” 4 day marathon seminar continue.

Jesus, this thing is fucking LOOONG.

And the reason for this is because it is so thorough.

This seminar is divided up into sections – Leading Yourself… Leading One Other Person… and Leading a Group.

Each of those skill sets build upon themselves.

If you are in a place in your life right now where there is ONE person you’d love to help become the next best version of themselves you’re going to love the hell out of these 11 pages of notes I’m sharing with you today.

If you love the idea of having a person be their own agent of change – you’re not doing it for them or to them – but instead they’re doing it themselves, these notes are for you.

And of course all this starts with understanding the following law of the universe…

The Three Hardest Things To Do In The World…

1. Climbing a fence that’s leaning towards you

2. Kissing a girl that’s leaning away from you

3. Getting someone to change that does not want to change

People do shit for their own reasons – not yours.

You want to ride this wave.

You are setting yourself up for failure by going against it and trying to get them to do things they don’t want to do, for your reasons.

Helping someone be a better version of themselves is not about persuading other people.

It’s about giving people enough of the right information so that they can persuade themselves.

When it comes to facilitation and coaching you need to create an environment where people can feel safe to express and grow… and then you need to have the tools and techniques to hand them that make growth a more streamlined process.

You want to help people do their thing.

It’s not about them doing your thing.

This is all about being a guide on the side – not a sage on a stage.

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Leading You, Me, and We: Helping One Person Become Their Best Self